Awareness Campaign for the SDG

Concept and design about The Traveling of the Future and how to promote awareness of sustainable tourism through cross-media campaigns.



#BigData #ArtificialIntelligence #UserJourney #HumanCenteredDesign #ConceptualDesign

Storytelling for Amazon Prime Video

Exploring the interplay between data, visualization and narrative while realizing a user-centered design process for the clients’ PR activities.



#Storytelling #DestinationMarketing #PlaceBranding #InformationDesign #DesignThinking

Travel App Development

Designing an App prototype to promote the role of Tourism in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.



#SDG #ScreenDesign #Copy #HumanCenteredDesign #Gamification

Digital Marketing Management and Graphic Design

Supporting the logistics service provider Nesslog Expert Services GmbH in its business development with a revised corporate appearance.



#BusinessDevelopment #Consultation #DigitalMarketing #WebDesign #PresentationDesign

Concepts for inclusive language learning environments

Business Models about a Culture Kit for Exchange Students and Smart Language Learning Glasses with some Out-of-the-Box Thinking.



#AugmentedReality #Inclusion #DesignThinking #ConceptualDesign #Entrepreneurship

Fictional Rebranding of DISTRICT 2020

Conceptualizing a holistic brand image and designing a Style Guide incl. new logo, signage and means of communication for different usage of media.



#Localization #PlaceBranding #BrandDevelopment #DesignSystem #LogoDesign

"A great strategy without design lacks impact while great design without strategy is simply ineffective."


Doe in Boots Design

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