Tina Rehschuh
Communication Designer

Hi, I'm Tina! I'm a passionate Strategy Designer and a creative Problem Solver.

After 10 years of gaining experience in strategic and operational Process Management in the areas of Transportation, Logistics and Tourism, I have learned that these lines of business should by no means be treated as separate sectors, but are closely intertwined: E-Commerce spawns changing business models on the last mile, new market players drive digital urban development, digital media determine the (travel) buying behavior of tomorrow, the smart city becomes a destination.

I have been involved in many projects along the entire E2E supply chain and helped shape them through iterative and agile design processes. There is one thing that is constantly in focus along the entire experience - the user. Users are becoming more demanding, challenges are increasing. Let me help you design structures and processes more efficiently as well as identify new market segments and communicate them in a user-centered way.


I look forward to connecting with you and staying in touch. Let's start a conversation! And while you are here – scroll down to learn more about me and my work!


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Creative Problem Solver

"T-Shape" Designer

Throughout my career journey, I have gained valuable experience in diverse work environments, including corporate settings, supporting the successful launch of a Corporate Startup, and even venturing into Self-Employment.


My experience in the Startup scene has taught me the importance of being adaptable, innovative, and resilient in the face of new challenges. My time in corporate environments has provided me with a strong foundation in professional standards and practices, which I have been able to apply to all aspects of my work.


I am always willing to take risks and pursue new opportunities, and I am confident that my experiences and skills will prove invaluable to anyone looking for a creative and resourceful team member.


B.A. Design

Minor: Communication Design

FH Münster, Germany

Oct. 2018 - Feb. 2023

Working on interdisciplinary projects with business and engineering departments, as well as real client collaborations such as Amazon Prime Video, helped me to gain a deep understanding of my role as a creative problem solver. While running my own business and focusing on my clients' visions, the university environment allowed me to focus on passion projects and pursue further education of personal interest.


I have also been able to express my fascination with Middle and Far Eastern cultures by studying Arabic typography and learning the Japanese language (currently at A2 level), which is reflected in my research papers on media effects across cultures, my portfolio pieces, and my thesis project on the Traveling of the Future.

B.A. International Business

Minor: International Marketing

DHBW Stuttgart, Germany

Oct. 2013 - Sep. 2016

My second degree in Design ideally complements my first bachelor's degree in International Business, which I successfully completed as part of a dual study program. Thanks to the internationally oriented studies and an industry-leading SME as my cooperation partner, I was able to sharpen my eye for novel strategies in a global context. I also studied Spanish (currently at B2 level) which I was able to hone during a semester abroad at UPO Sevilla in Spain.


For my thesis, I examined determinants that influence the purchase decision-making process of an innovative service and derived marketing implications for my partner's corporate startup. So I became familiar with the peculiarities of international business from my own experience at an early stage.





Overall, my combination of business acumen and design skills makes me a valuable addition to any team looking for a versatile and well-rounded project member. My holistic understanding of the supply chain, gained through both education and first-hand experience, allows me to approach design challenges from multiple angles and share a deep understanding with each individual of its network. I am passionate about communication, both visual and verbal, and strive to share my message in comprehensive and effective ways. 

"A great strategy without design lacks impact while great design without strategy is simply ineffective."


Doe in Boots Design

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