Digital Marketing Management and Graphic Design

The logistics service provider Nesslog Expert Services GmbH has been one of my long-term clients as a self-employed Designer, and I am happy to continuously support them with my expertise in upcoming projects, too. In the past, I supported Nesslog with their business development by helping to build their revised corporate appearance in a visually appealing and interesting way.


I was able to achieve this through a responsive website design and a clear information architecture of the subdomains, which I could simultaneously embellish with simple graphics. The graphics playfully underline the professional appearance in the acquisition process, for which I created, among other things, a slide master, a series of presentations about the various logistics solutions, a business card and interactive PDF forms. A basic stylesheet was provided for the consistent use of their visual elements. 


Furthermore, I advised on some online marketing measures and implemented them with Google Ads. In consultation with the client, I was able to carry out appropriate optimizations (SEO) with the help of search engine management (SEM). By monitoring the website analysis and Google Analytics, I was able to identify problems in the user experience at an early stage and optimize them accordingly through my role as website administrator.

"Tina is a very trustworthy, reliable and creative professional, who has great skills to understand the needs and company vision of a customer. She did not miss a single deadline, even if they were communicated with short notice. Once Tina agrees to something, it's going to happen as agreed." Joachim Nesseldreher, Managing Director at Nesslog Expert Services GmbH

Client: Nesslog Expert Services GmbH
Skills: Business Development, Consultation, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Presentation Design

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