I love dogs

(About the Real Me)

Or any kind of animals, really. But when it comes to dogs, I've been lucky enough that my family has also turned out to be quite crazy about them - which is why I'm an integral pack member of a sled dog racing and breeding kennel.


And what better way to live out my passion for dogs and design at the same time, where the definition of an #OfficeDog takes on a whole new meaning and I can just snuggle with cute pups while working in the realm of my home office? That's right, there is none.


That's why I proudly call myself Creative Director and Digital Marketing Manager at the Alaskan Malamute Kennel of Cathi's Meadow Garden.


Design Strategy & Digital Marketing Management

Developing a holistic brand identity for a sled dog kennel has therefore been one of my favorite projects so far. But why did we bother to treat the small hobby kennel from the Black Forest like at least a medium-sized brand?


Looking at the obvious: With a qualified and experienced designer in the family, passion fortunately combines with intrinsic perfectionism (and a lower hourly rate).


Looking at the "client"-view: As owners of Alaskan Malamute dogs and as hobby mushers, we sooner or later also dealt a lot with the origin and development of this Nordic breed. Since the breeding stock of purebred Alaskan Malamutes in Central Europe is relatively small and also the litter sizes were decreasing more and more, it was decided to actively participate in this matter and to refresh the remaining gene pool a little bit.

The dog breeding and racing kennel "Alaskan Malamute of Cathi's Meadow Garden" was founded with the vision to breed a diverse sled dog breed based on an international gene pool and to contribute to the preservation of a healthy breed according to the standards of the FCI.


The core team of the "Meadow Garden Malamutes" comes from Germany and Poland, from Ukraine and from Belarus. Each of these pedigreed dogs has its own personality, making it the kennel's mission to draw attention to the human-friendly character of these primitive canines and to bring this Nordic dog breed a little closer to the people.


As a result, I have developed an appropriate content strategy as the creative director of the kennel, with which I reach exactly this target group - (sled) dog owners and lovers, Alaskan Malamute breeders and prospective buyers for our puppies.

Trainer - Cathi

Creative Director - Me

Musher - Harald

With the help of a dynamic website and its eventful blog, well-developed profiles on the official websites of our clubs and trendy social media presences on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to get a high reach in just a few weeks: By the time our first litter was born, we had already found prospective buyers for all of our puppies, who we had also met in person as part of the buying process. In the course of their upbringing, we were already able to create a waiting list for the next litter, which is rather unusual for new breeders in general, but especially of this breed.


Since serious puppy breeders, and thus our direct competitors, are usually only involved in breeding on a "hobby" basis, there is usually neither budget nor technical know-how available for a sound Internet presence - which was also confirmed during the market research.


However, since this is the first touchpoint to potential customers, we were at an advantage due to the holistic brand development and clearly structured content strategy and were able to exchange our status as unknown rookies for that of a serious and sincere dog kennel in no time.

The brand identity includes a stylesheet and a logo that visually underscores the registered kennel name with its combination mark: the ensemble of conifers and hills depicts the habitat in the Neckar Valley where the kennel is located on the edge of the Black Forest and where the Meadow Garden Malamutes leave their paw prints - which the logo subtly reflects at a second glance. The chosen fonts allude through bold capitals to the majestic character of the breed, while the loose handwriting refers to the personal touch of the breeder.

Responsive Web Design with emotional appeal: Playful illustrations represent the different characters of the individual pack members and underline the vision of the kennel with its goal to more individuality in the gene pool. Emotional and colorful imagery provides insights into the kennel's everyday life, its training and breeding and highlights the bond between breeder and dog: We run our kennel with passion, and this is the care we seek in the future families of our offspring.

The website with its blog offers more general information about our kennel, while you can talk to us in person at dog shows and training camps. But apart from that we want to let our community participate in the happenings of Cathi's Meadow Garden by regularly sharing informal moments from the life of our Malamutes on Instagram and Facebook.

The goal of this content strategy is to introduce (potential) buyers and our community to the values we hold when interacting with our Nordic Dogs, introduce them to our pack that accompanies us on our mission, and share our vision with them as we pursue our breeding of this sled dog breed.


So you see - I love dogs. And when I'm on fire for something, I don't do things half-heartedly.


Plus, this project was a perfect distraction to procrastinate during my Bachelor's project. Feel free to stop by Instagram, Facebook, or our website for a dose of serotonin!

Client: Family Business
Skills: Business Development, Creative Direction, Social Media, Web Design, Photography

"A great strategy without design lacks impact while great design without strategy is simply ineffective."


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